Terry Vergos is an ecology, systems thinking and wellbeing polymath sound artist, workshop facilitator and tai chi / chikung instructor. He creates performances and workshops exploring ecological thought and he is part of AKU an interdisciplinary organism that calls for spaces and moments of care and nourishment through art, wellbeing practices and biophilia design. A call for ecological intelligence in a shared world.

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Beyond the image of mother nature, as a place that it’s purity needs to be conserved, like replacing the current monotheism with another and build on the commodification of the new, life has cracks, contamination, depression, weirdness. It’s all the flowing states beyond rights and wrongs, good and bad, old and new, objects and subjects, where creatures dancing on the mesh that we are connected through, our ecology. Life indefinitely open, constantly changing and ambiguous might have mixed form weird species, purple skies, blue sands, creatures with the ability to breath on CO2, if this is part of natural drift and evolution. To be in the flow of life, is a creative process which requires to challenge my fixated mind and perception. A decisive choice of how to be and what attitude to carry in this world.

Certifications Training/Experience

The cafe at the Edge of the world/ Wolf willow Institute for systems learning, Chen Style Taichi / Chikung Instructor certified with Taichicentre trained by Master Leu Liming. The systems view of life with Fritjof Capra, ER-301 sound computer system, Active Citizens British Council, Monome script based sound system, Nei Gong Chi Kung Marcus Watts, Art of Hosting with Maria Scordialos, and Vanessa Reed, Forum Theatre (Boal, Zegg), Way of Council with Rob Dreaming, Sociocracy, NVC with Maria Arpa, Open Space Technology and World Cafe, Permaculture design Certification with Graig Gibson and May East, Findhorn, Pelion Holistic Education Centre (co-founder), Transition Towns Athens with Sophy Banks and Naresh Giangrande, Ecovillage design education trainer by Gaia education with Daniel Wahl and Jonathan Dawson (Schumacher College), Wild Goose Chi Kung , Long Yang (108) Form Taichi with Master Tung and Francoise Poutays , Macrobiotics and Chinese herbal medicine practice, Binaural Beats sound healing practice using Sbagen, Apple Logic Certified, IEMA Sound and Technology, BA Economics


AKU (founding board member), Enabling Theatre (current board member), Hebden Bridge dance festival (former board member) Pelion Holistic Education centre (former founding board director)