Shared world

Shared world [at the end of the world] Taster Workshop

Saturday 21 May 2022, 10:30am-1:00pmHebden Bridge, Old Town, Wadsworth Community CentreBook

The workshop is for artists who want to develop work around ecology but also for anyone who is interested in exploring socio-ecological issues and how they interconnect and emerge form our individual and collective worldviews.

Shared World (Generative Image)

It consist of five sessions with the following topics:

  • Life science and existence, complexity, chaos and chaos, fractals, patterns, emergence and non linearity.

  • Worlds collapse and new worlds emerge, a socio-economical approach, the mushrooms at the end of the world.

  • Cell and neuroscience, autopoiesis, structural coupling, living is knowing

  • The philosophy of mind, phenomenology, being in the world,  non binary ecology and eastern philosophies

  • Ecological thought and act

Bring your story to map our relational territory into the complexity of the world. We might discover new ways to see, perceive, imagine, relate and act.

This is an invitation to wonder, listen, and imagine how plants, animals, humans, visible and invisible creatures, dreams, fantasies, stories and magic intersect to create  our world.  Here, intelligence might not be the ability to solve problems but the ability to enter this shared world.